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2022 Spring bouquet subscriptions are here!

June 2022

Each week, you'll get to pick up a gorgeous farmer's choice, mixed bouquet made from beautiful flowers, herbs and foliage of the season! Each bouquet is crafted with care and wrapped in craft paper ready to brighten your home.

There are two subscription options, two weeks or five weeks.

Summer Bouquet Subscription

June 2021

I'm excited to announce that Good Soil Gardens is now offering bouquets of fresh locally grown summer flowers and herbs for purchase.

Good Soil Gardens is collaborating with Tall Grass Food Box to provide summer subscriptions of four bouquets that will be available for pick at the food box pick up locations in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Apex, North Carolina.

Visit Tall Grass' website to sign up!


Echinacea and Tulsi

May 2021

Two of my favorite plants to grow are echinacea and tulsi. Echinacea, also known as coneflower, makes a great cut flower, its roots are used in herbal remedies and it is a perennial plant. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, adds a rich warm fragrance to my bouquets, attracts many beneficial pollinators and is used to make a popular traditional ayurvedic tea.

Spring has Sprung!

March 2021

After a long winter, we are truly happy to welcome the spring! I am trying tulips for the first time this season. Sign up to our email list to stay updated on seasonal flowers as the earth starts to bloom anew.


Winter Wonderland

January 2021

The daffodils I planted last year are starting to come up through the snow. I also planted dozens of bare root trees as well as many perennial plants in preparation for next season. Truly a practice in planning and patience!

What a Season!

October 2020

I can barely believe how much has happened in just a few months. This year, our first flowers for cutting began blooming in June and our frost date is already fast approaching. Season extension is the focus for next year. With that in mind, I’m already starting seeds that will hopefully survive the winter and begin blooming next spring!


Tall Grass Food Box CSA

September 2020

Thankful for a successful partnership with Tall Grass Food Box CSA!

Flowers and Cover Crops

August 2020

Trying an experiment combining cover crop (cow peas) and flower crops in the same bed.
After the frost kills off these plants I’ll broadcast clover into the bed as the next succession of cover crop!



June 2020

Sunflowers are in full effect, one of my favorite flowers due to their many uses from cut flowers to food. So amazing to see these grow from tiny seedlings some varieties that are now towering over us!

Tips for Caring for Your Bouquet

April 2020

A few lessons I've learned for longer lasting cut flowers:
~Always use clean tools, sterilize your clippers before each use, use clean buckets to collect your flowers and a clean vase to display
~When keeping your flowers in a vase, replace with fresh water every one to two days. Clean out any leaves pre debris. Bacterial overgrowth in the water is the main cause of flowers wilting and dying.
~Always cut the stem at an angle to encourage the flowers' water uptake. Make a fresh cut every time you replace the water.
~Additives like flower food may be necessary when shipping from hundreds of miles away, but it has not seemed necessary for fresh local flowers,



January 2020

New season, new garden, on old farmland. I'm a new farmer, growing cut flowers and learning more everyday how to care for the land. My goal is to farm using methods that build top soil for future generations, while adding a little more beauty and color to our world.

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